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At the dental office of Margaret S. Hartwig D.M.D, P.C., we offer multiple tooth whitening systems to choose from to match your desired level of whiteness and usage. Each treatment comes with desensitizing toothpaste so you can take care of your teeth properly after whitening.

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  • REV

  • Whitebrite  

  • Sheer white strips

  • Take-home whitening systems  

  • Sheer desensitizing

Choose Your Whitening System

If you have an extreme dental problem, contact our office to see how we can help. Our dedicated team strives to make each trip to the dentist as painless as possible!

Emergency Dentistry

To accommodate the needs and lifestyles of all patients, we offer multiple different whitening techniques and systems. To truly get personalized tooth whitening, we offer a sheer desensitizing treatment which allows us to make an impression of your mouth so we can custom make tooth whitening trays to fit you perfectly.

Personalized Whitening Treatments

Multiple Teeth Whitening Systems